It takes a village. 

And within ours, more than 70 years of combined experience allow you the benefit of diverse expertise. From front desk to showroom, the Hollaway team is organized to execute the exceptional. Our family of professionals are skilled in artistry, channeling their individual creativity to actualize our clients’ designed desires. 

Your experience begins with our team, so we operate as specialists and interact as an ally, open arms to whatever the interior project. Our intention is to be so vested in your project that our clients trust us as one of their own.

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Michael Morrison

“Interior Design weds passion to purpose. Each project offers an exquisite opportunity to enter clients’ worlds and create unique living environments in which artistry and purpose are uniquely and inextricably entwined.”

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Easton Logan

“Meaningful design is a collaborative process. Bringing together the skill of the designer with the vision of the client.”


Shirin DiMiceli

“My philosophy is transferring the client’s guidelines and vision of a design through my own creativity and passion for design. This philosophy includes attention to color and detail in creating spaces with a feeling of balance, comfort and charm.”  

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Irma Hetrick

Design Studio Coordinator

Our team at the Summit Awards 2018

Our team at the Summit Awards 2018

Our team at the Summit Awards 2017

Our team at the Summit Awards 2017